Your tasks! As a member of the development team, you will be responsible to build and polish great user interaction and its visual appearance. You will work together with the specialists of our SLAM Scan® architecture and iterate continuously with the product designers at Dacuda. As part of the task force of a highly relevant product for iPhone, you will especially:

• Design and build the next big thing in mobile photography and 3D applications
• Develop innovative Apps according to the iOS HIG guidelines and best practices
• Focus on intuitive user experience for capturing and viewing 2D and 3D content
• Optimize user workflows and interaction with captured content
• Integrate sharing capabilities for common social platforms and formats


Your skills! Dacuda is seeking for a project of two to three months an expert in iOS front-end development with a background on visual design and interaction design. We expect you to bring with you


• Strong iOS front-end skills and a feeling for a great user experience
• Track record in mobile app development
• Skills in designing and implementing screens and storyboards
• Experience in optimizing user interaction in an aesthetic and elegant way
• Knowledge of Object Oriented Development (Objective C, C++)
• Bachelor or Master Computer Science or related fields
• Highly developed social skills

Now! The job is available immediately. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to call us (+41 44 295 10 40) or to send your complete application (cover letter, CV with a recent photo, certificates and references, relevant publications) to